first post- montreal

Hey there, as this is my first post i better say something interesting. I have been traveling since july 2004 when i left to europe, for what was meant to be a 2 month holiday turned into something more. A new passion, a new meaning of life- to discover every little town, city or village on the face on the earth.

6 years have gone by and I have been home twice for some quick work a bit of football.

My first trip in europe lasted 11 months traveling from croatia to italy, greece, turkey, germany, czech rep, poland, slovakia, austria and then working in london like all the other ozzies. Taking a crappy paid removals job i slogged it out for 7 months doing odd snowboard trips or bussing it up to scotland and around ireland. Always coming back broke living off bread and butter or heating cans in the kettle and eating them with a fork i considered then to be tough times.

I had enough of the cold dreary weather of london and flew to thailand where I spent a month touring the country by bus, boat, foot, trekking jungles in the north, rafting, riding elephants  and partying on the beaches in the southern islands on full moon nights, sharing straws with swedish backpackers through ice filled buckets of concentrated red bull and cheap local rum. I soon found out the meaning of ‘turning troppo’ in a country where you feel like a king with 300 bucks in the bank.

Coming home I celebrated my 20th birthday with friends and family who thought I was back for good, so did I, until I took a job up north in a copper mine where i saved up $12,000 in a few months and came back and bought my first harley davidson.

2 months I rode it round town before selling it for a profit and buying a one way ticket to other side of australia on the gold coast of QLD. Me and my best mate brad got drunk one night and convinced eachother to stay up until the morning and buy our tickets at the travel agency. we did and left a week later.

We managed to score a deal on a van for $2 a day if we drove it up to nth queensland for relocation. Working there for 3 months with a great bloke (a friend of my dad) I helped construct a santa fe style, adobe house nestled in the jungle of cairns.

Cashed up, we flew down to melbourne for the cricket then up to sydney for another test match. My friend had had enough at this point and had to get working again back home in Perth. Me on the other hand was ready to go on the lonesome again, one morning walking through kings cross I ended up buying a Ford panelvan (a surfing/hippie van) off a big breasted German girl and her boyfriend. I got it for a good deal but the big boobs made me sign on the dotted line in the end.

I packed up my rented room in Bondi Beach, loaded up the van with my clothes and free surfboard i scored from an old bondie hippie. The van had a big bed in back and little porta-cooker with everything needed for camping. While posting a rideshare ad on the wall of a backpackers hostel I feel id shout out to a few of the guys lying lazily around the common room who were watching me. “hey anyone wanna go to Byron Bay?” this French Canadian by the name of Max tilts his head up, “yeh I’ll go to Byron Bay” I tell him the deal that we both go halves in fuel and I wanna leave tomorrow if that’s alright with him. He agrees and next morning we are off, two travelers  on the road to nowhere via Byron Bay. 5 minutes into the trip like Harry and Loyd out of  ‘Dumb and Dumber’ we feel the freedom of the moving van while we break out of the bustling city. “We’re really doing it Maxime”

Once in Byron we stay with a traveling mate of his for a few days while surfing. A mate from Sweden I met earlier in Thailand is in town and he’s traveling up the east coast with a few guys he met in the hostel.

We drive in convoy up to Noosa and spend Australia day drinking beer and a imitation Thailand ‘bucket of love’ made with a concoction of two bottles of vodka, soda, ice and some pink cordial, mixed in a big bucket, topped off with a bunch of straws so that everyone in the hostel could all lye on the floor conversing with straws in their mouths. We call it the ‘bucket of love’ as it takes a lot of people to drink the bucket and 2. by the middle of it everyone loves one another, thats basically it.

One of Anders mates is James from Eugene, Oregon, USA, we call him Mr. America as hes the typical american firefighting brute on holiday. We get along well and before Anders and the pack leave I get James’ email address, for if I ever make it to the States one day. Turns out I do but I’ll get to that later.

Saying goodbye to all the guys and gals all of a sudden Im alone in Noosa trying to heat a can of beans in a windy park near the beach. I stroll to a nearby internet cafe and go online. I get a pop up chat message from my mates Canadian girlfriend back in perth. She asks me  how I am and what Im doing? i tell her of the cool Canadian girls I had just partied with the night before and they had left to Fraser Island. She asked me why I didnt go with them? I think about for a moment and ask myself the same question? I quickly call one of the girls and ask where they are now and how long they have until the boat leaves. They leave in the morning from the mainland. I hang up and jump into the panelvan with a long drive ahead, I put the pedal the floor and roll into the campsite just in time for the briefing. We join up and I group with them and a few other mixed nationalities for the 3 day 4wd trip. We have a total blast, the trip was fantastic I ended up getting cosy with one of the Canadian girls which wasn’t the reason for racing up there in the first place. The girls had a strict timeline to stick to, so I followed them up to Seventeen Seventy (the name of the town in QLD) said goodbye while they contined up to Cairns then I turned around and drove all the way back to Noosa to surf again.

This time I just slept in the Panelvan by the beach and met a German girl one morning apon waking. There she was standing on the rocks looking out to see like some lost soul.

I waxed up my board and walked up to her. “hey there, you thinking of going in”

“maybe” in a soft German accent.

I ask her if shes been to the other side of the bay? fast forward about half an hour and I sit kissing her on the beach in between catching an awesome morning of waves.

Suddenly I have completely forgotten about the beautiful Canadian girl I had just spent a lovely week with.

The German girl was quite happy to stay with me a few days in Noosa while I surfed and lived in the panelvan but for me i the sex and waves wasnt enough to keep me grounded. One of my only friends in Sydney was having her birthday that night so I bolted down from Noosa to Sydney listening to INXS over and over a straight day to make it in time.

SYDNEY- Back in the beat I made the party and hanged around town for a bit. Getting restless and missing Perth, my brother calls me in time to organize a quick trip to go and visit our Grandma down in Melbourne we only just recently discovered.


Rolling into Melbourne we search for Grandmas place. As i mentioned we only just discovered her a few years before. My mother had been there once and told us she lives in Footscray. When I first went to Melbourne with Brad, I made the trip out there and sat uncomfortably in her little house for a few hours while she raced around getting me tea, biscuits, cake, water, coke and lollies. Anything to to keep moving as she was so nervous to see me. While running around the kitchen she told me how miserable her life had been since my grandfather had kicked her out of the family, taking the kids and leaving her in Croatia.

Both my mothers parent’s were from Croatia and they had my mum, aunty and uncle in Perth in the 50’s. My granddad (‘Didi’ in Croatian) owned a travel company where he used to cater for the large yugoslav population in  Perth. They had a falling out and Didi divorced my grandmother and remarried shortly after.

The outcome was very sad for grandma as she was young and forced to leave the family altogether. My mother and her siblings just thought that their mum had left them. What they and later I found out, was that wasn’t the case. She actually tried very hard to get them back, one time even resorting to kidnapping my mother and aunty and holding them for days until the police got involved, the story headlined the papers.

Giving up she moved back to Melbourne where she was residing and later re married a Serbian man where they shared  many great years, as she told me.

Later he died by health reasons and she spent the rest of her life living in solitude and working at a local cinema.

By the second time I had come to visit her, accomponied with my older brother and a bunch of flowers, we were too late. The neighbors asked us who we were when they saw us knocking on her door. They sorrily explained that she had passed the night before. They said she gave up and stopped eating, for weeks she was slowly fading away.

That morning the neighbors, an Indian family, gave us the keys to her door. While inside we received a call from a man claiming to be a close friend who was the gardener who wanted to come over and get some papers inside that she apparently left for her.

We spent the next week living in her house and fending off the gardener who wanted to get into the house to get the will papers. Fortunately for my mother and her siblings, grandma had changed the will shortly after getting visited by mum, changing the gardeners name back into our family. He ended up losing hope and I think got the message when we told him to just stay out of it,” shes our grandma and if you try to come here again you can deal with my 6″5 brother”

A week of stress and unbelieving circumstances we hit the road again.

To save money, we picked up a French passenger who sat in between us on the bench seat.  It was hot and we all stunk of body odor, but thats all part of traveling on the road. We headed south to Bells beach but skipped the swim and headed along the beautiful Great Ocean Road all the way to Warrnambool for a chance to stock up on food and refuel. On a roll we kept on traveling, We crossed the VIC border into South Australia and headed to Robe, a small town on the south Oz coastline, famous for it’s Crayfish. We pulled down a small road toward the beach as the frenchy was in dire need of a swim he said, hinting that we needed one. Down a dusty dirt road, in the distance we spot a van thats painted all trippy colors and theres a group of 3 people standing around it.

As we pull up closer I cant believe what I see. Its the bloody German couple that sold me the van. The big breasted blonde stands there with her boyfriend and some other guy staring at our van in disbelief. They are most likely worried at this point as they would have never of imagined they would see me or the van again as in the sale they never mentioned the major holes below the window that leaves the floor like a kiddies pool after the rain hits it, but i dont care, i just banged a few holes into the floor pan with a hammer and screwdriver. And they never mentioned the electrical problems where the engine would just shut off instantly or the waterpump that was on its way out but i dont care, I love this panelvan, its a character, I’ve fixed up all the problems and he now flows like the blood in my veins. I roll up right next to them and shout out hey hey hey!!! they cant believe it as much as me and to ease any bad karma vibes I tell them how much i love my van and move onto what the hell they are doing out in this backwater dirt carpark? the same as us, no idea! We share a BBQ and a few beers by the water and chat about van adventures. After a pleasant and well deserved swim we say goodbye to the Germans who decide to camp and we keep moving onto Adelaide to hit up a few bars.

We get into Adelaide ‘the city of churches’ in late afternoon. We all wonder how it got that name when we see a crowd of people with mullets, beards, tatts, wife beaters, thongs and all with a hell of a lot of  Ford and Holden gear. We soon find out we are in town the same day as the Adelaide v8 supercars, which is a bogan’s paradise. It was almost as if you didn’t have the beard and mullet combo, you weren’t allowed in.

We ventured into the night avoiding the races and found the local girls to be really friendly and beautiful. We partied in a few bars and clubs then spent the night in a hostel. The following morning we got an early start and headed for the nullabor.

A few hours before the nullabor we were getting low on gas and I had to piss. Off the highway in a small town, I forget exactly where, we passed a scene that looked straight out of  mad max while searching for a fuel station.

A guy with a dog and an old muscle car sat under the shade by a public toilet block. His belongings were spread out all over the floor and cans of used dog food lay upside down in the heat showing he had been there for days. The only thing missing was a shotgun and if it was mad max, he wouldn’t tell us where the fuel was anyway.

I didnt want to stop but with no fuel station in sight and busting to piss, I thought Id take the chance.

I run past the scene and relieve myself while I think of how to approach the man and his dog.

MAD MAX- This guy turns out to be a big time bikey dude whos chasing some other dude who owes him money. He’s got a police warrant on his head from the other guy dobbing him in and he’s waiting on news to find out where he’s at.  And…. another 20 guys are coming up from Adelaide to do this guy in.  By this time I thought it would be a good time to say goodbye, just after getting out of him where the fuel pumps are.

We fuel up and drive until we realise that we are going to need to camp before we hit the Nullabor. You hear some stuff about that road where all sorts of animals can run in front of your car at night. We roll into another small little town, we find a caravan park down the road and set up camp inside. I walk to the showers while the others decide who’s sleeping in the tent and who’s cooking the snags.

In the shower I scrub up and start listening in on a conversation going on in the the bathroom between two guys. One guy mentions to the other that he was  run over by some loony the other day then the guy tried to get him to pay for damages. When he wouldn’t, he tried to punch out his wife after she had a go at him. The police got involved but the guy got away.

Sounds familiar? I couldn’t bloody believe it!

Standing there in the shower I thought for a while about what I should do? thinking this guy is in serious danger if the mad max guy was for real about the 20 guys on harleys coming up to do this guy in that has a wife and probably kids too.

I washed up and dried myself off quickly.  I heard the other guy he was talking to say goodbye, so I came out to where the guy was brushing his teeth.

“mate theres something I gotta tell you”

he looks at me puzzled.

“I just overheard you talking about that crazy bastard that tried to run you over and I wanted to warn you that I just met that same crazy bastard a few towns down who mentioned to me that he’s after some guy that owes him money, and I’m guessing that that’s you! and he told me he had a about 20 bikies coming up from south oz to find you”

The guy was shocked and looked scared for a moment while he took in what I had just told him. He was thankful I warned him and asked me a few more questions to get a definite description of the guy.

The words ‘mad max’ was enough for him to leave the bathroom in a hurry.

The following day we had had a goodnight sleep, unlike the other poor guy, we were refreshed, refueled and ready to cross the nullabor plain, a road every Australian should have to cross in their lifetime. As boring as it was, we met some pretty interesting characters on the way. One being a guy that had been fruit picking and had traveled for the last 6 years, drifting around the world.  I remember me and Christian looking at each other, saying I hope we never become like that guy and never getting it together.

We drove through many country towns stopping off for food and drink. We drove into the late afternoon searching for a place to set up camp. We passed a bushland area where a small dirt road led to it, driving inside we come across another van that has the same idea. We park up a distance from them and say hello. A French guy from France was traveling with his beautiful  girlfriend from French Polynesia with a dog they rescued from somewhere. We shared a few beers over dinner that was again sausages, bread and tomato sauce. They told us their story of how they got the dog from a guy who was going to take it to the pound and how they have fallen in love with it and wanted to take it back to France. They were planning on driving south from Norseman at the end of the nullabor road down to Esperance, through the south western coast up to Perth. We convinced our french passanger that he would have a much greater time seeing all that than going up to kalgoorlie and racing back with us. He agreed and swapped cars to travel with them. I told them all my address in Perth and to come for the party on my 21st.Many hours more we finally reach Kalgoorlie. Kalgoorlie is the largest outback city in Australia and has a lot of history since  1893 when I guy named Paddy Haddan found gold there and started a huge gold rush. Now its famed for it’s bars and brothels and Australia’s largest open cut gold mine called the Superpit. It was pretty super but we were glad to get out there after getting my drink spiked that night by a local who slipped something in my drink while I snapped a photo with a bar girl leaving my beer on the table. A few sips into it I noticed a small effervescent tablet breaking at the bottom of the glass. I looked around for the guy that once sat next to me but it was too late and I was feeling pretty out of it to even care. Luckily I only had a few sips and Christian was over it anyway so we headed back to the hostel and went to sleep.

The next day we left the dry arid landscape and headed to Perth. It was my mates 21st that night so I missed whatever was on the way to make it. Once in Perth I reunited with my mum and dad who were waiting at Dads place then it was straight to Grants 21st without dinner and straight into the keg and mechanical bull.


Arriving back for my 21st birthday, I caught up with a lot of friends and did a lot of partying for a few months- I started a business with my brother importing and distributing Acai (a brazilian berry) then another business with a friend from football doing mobile personal training to kids after school. Talking with my friend/business parter/football teammate I soon influenced him to travel and put the company on hold and fly to canada. He booked his before me and I got a deal going to hawaii beforehand where i spent a week driving around oahu surfing its waves. I got into vancouver and Rory was working in Banff, Alberta so I met up with him there a month later. We hit the slopes together with my snowboard i bought in vancouver with the money i sold my surfboard for in Hawaii – driving to the airport on my last day- I spot a guy flicking through boards out the front of a surfshop. Stopping the car I yelled out “you can buy this one for cheaper than any of those” sold it for $80 and drove to the airport and missed out on paying $50 for extra baggage.

After Banff i left Rory working there and headed back to vancouver where I lived for 4 months with the mother of a canadian girl I met while driving around australia. She let me stay in the upstairs room for free and i took a job out of town selling fitness equipment for the time I was there.

What made me leave was the add up of everyday bullshit- phone bills, travel passes, work stress and cold raining weather.

I first asked for a week holiday to get some sun and surf in california but they refused, so i quit. I spent 2 weeks in vancouver trying to sell my motorbike I had (great idea to buy a bike when it rains 5 out 7 days) and won a snowboarding trip up to whistler by helping some promo girls carry their stuff from a van to the pub one night. I went up to whistler and took a friend from my ‘ex’ work and ended up knocking myself out on a jump i took in the last 10 minutes of the day.

I spent my 23rd birthday in bed with concussion and left to Eugene, oregon a few days later. There I knew another guy i met while traveling in oz, he was a friend of my swedish mate who i met in thailand.

Eugene I arrive with my backpack and get picked up by james. I tell him my story of how im sick of society’s bullshit and am going to travel until i tire of it. He told me I remind him of the guy off ‘Into The Wild’ a movie by Sean Penn. 5 mins later I ask touse his computer and get a email from my brother who’s in Dublin telling me I should see the movie ‘Into the wild’ i thought “i have to see this movie”

Later at James’s girlfriends house I see the movie sitting on her desk, I borrow it and watch it the next day. Turns out he reminded me of myself.

After the week i took a cheap flight to vegas, reading the novel of ‘Into the wild’ on the way, there I met up with a brazilian girl i met in Hawaii. After she returned back to san fran I went to the bus station wanting to get the hell out of vegas and took the next bus that was going anywhere- LA it was. Arriving in LA i took the train to hollywood and saw the city of broken dreams then scored a ride with a local guy down to venice beach then another ride a few days later with a couple headed for mexico. I got out in san clemente and tried to figure out life while i stayed in a campground with some on and off homeless guys. One night an old washed up drunk man blessed me on my journey and told me to go to New Orleans.

I hitched a ride with some lesbian girls at the campground to san diego and stayed at a hostel on the beach. I took a day-night bus trip to TJ and sampled the american version of mexico. Waking up next day at the hostel i met a girl there who was driving with her ex boyfriend to Coachella music festival the next morning. So I went.

3 days of music, drinking and smoking joints I read the event calendar and see Sean Penn is on for 5 mins. Naturally I thought he was talking about his new movie ‘Into the wild’ but instead gets up and announces there are 3 bio diesel busses headed for New orleans the next day.

Next day I was there with 179 other rock goers who gave up university, jobs and whatever to head across the country for the next 2 weeks there and back.

The volunteer work we did was rewarding but the excitement came later when we arrived to new orleans. Hearing old ladies talk about the effects, hurricane Katrina has had on them I couldn’t picture myself returning with the rest back to california. So i stood up and told the group I was staying and if anyone wanted to join me they wouldn’t regret it- 11 joined me and we waved the busses off.

First staying at a church for 2 weeks we worked on local houses and a footpath in the Uptown area. hearing of our good work and surviving barely on the charity we raised from the other volunteers ($180) Sean Penn decided to send us $500 each. The few that were there for the wrong reasons blew it on cigarettes, booze and pointless tattoos soon left, the remaining good souls put it all together and rented out a place for 3 months finishing and starting new projects.

My work visa had come to its 3 month expiry so i took a rideshare up to canada via new york to get re stamped and return to NOLA. Ringing up the guys I hear that the crew are again falling apart and people are returning home. One of our eldest members was falling into the hole of drugs and alcohol. I decided to stay up in canada and find some work. being in Montreal i emailed my old work and asked for my old job back and they agreed, but this time an office in edmonton, Alberta.

Bussing my way there from east to west i headed through ottawa, toronto, detroit then met a girl on the bus to chicago who let me stay on her couch while i made trips to and from elkhart, Indiana where I was living on a corn field with a friend of my Dad’s friend. I said goodbye after a week or two and headed to minneapolis and caught a UFC fight live in the city one night. Spending the last of what I had left I resorted to hitchhiking the rest of the way- still about 3 days travel

My first attempt was sketchy with a guy picking me up and then actually trying to pick me up in the car, I got out next exit and returned back to Minneapolis where I found and I was staying on a couch for free at a cool dudes place. he advised me to hitch out of a smaller town so I took a local bus to Deluth where I couchsurfed with another guy on last minutes notice. Turns out he was a brewer and we drank and discussed women issues all night. the next day he dropped me at the highway where I started my big journey to edmonton. I got picked up by a lot of different characters, crossing the border into thunder bay I stayed with the other girl who i met in australia who i lived at her mothers house in vancouver for 4 months. From thunder bay I had a hard time scoring a ride until a guy turned around after I put on my top hat. From then on it was my lucky hat. He was driving all the way to calgary (an hour from where I needed to go)

For 3 days we drove stopping in Portage La praire, Manitoba (where that poor kid was killed on a bus). In a gas station diner we meet ‘Pat’ a taxi driver who was shocked to hear I was going to work in edmonton when there was heaps of work the next province over in his small town, Kindersley, saskatchewan. He told me Id have a job in a second if I go there. keeping that in mind i got his number and headed to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,  where my friend Rory (the one I left perth with) was living there with his new girlfriend he met while couchsurfing/bed surfing.

I decided to spend another few days with Rory as he was planning a trip to India and I knew i wouldn’t see him for a while. I said goodbye to my hitchhiking friend Dave and rang up old Pat in Kindersley to see if his offer was for real.

Rory drops me off on the highway and off i go again thumb in air, smile on face hoping for a normal person to stop. I probably 5 of the most interesting people that day who picked me up and dropped me off along the way. When I finally made it to Kindersley I went to Pat’s place and stayed the night with 2 other hitchhiker’s he picked up along the way home.

I ended up renting out his place with the french couple and got a job the next day. Ringing up my work in edmonton i informed them of my decision to stay in kindersley.

I spent 3 months in Kindersley working as a framer, building walls and roofs for a big retirement village. I got sick of living with the french couple who smoked inside and moved in for free with my work mate who was living in a trailer.

I grew fond of the town came up with a plan to purchase the local pub that was going for pretty cheap and i was going to turn it into a ozzy bar and grill. A phonecall from my mate in Perth was all it took for me to can the idea and fly to LA to meet up with him for a trip to south america. After a week in La living at different mates houses we flew to south mexico and surfed our way down the coast taking busses and hitching. One night in mexico in a small cabin I was bitten in my sleep by a vampire bat, 2 weeks later in Guatemala i developed a sore throat and started to research the dangers of bat bites in the area I bitten. Turns out south mexico is riddled with rabies and bats being the highest carriers of the disease. I rushed myself to a hospital and having no spanish in my brain i had to draw a batman symbol and hold it to my neck. They shot me up with something and i wrote down the name of it.

On a bus in belize I started to rethink my life and saw how precious it was. I pulled out a small bible I had been given in Kindersley by a guy i met in church one day. I read the first sentence on a random page- John the baptizer was baptizing the people in the jordan river of Cappernaum. Suddenly the bus stops and the driver decides to get out to buy a drink from a small shop in the middle of nowhere. Next to the small shop was a small restaraunt named “the jordan river of cappernaum” I couldn’t believe my eyes so I ran off the bus and inside the store’s toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror and threw water on my face. The feeling I got was a big shudder down my body and words come to me “i forgive you”

back on the bus I felt like I god had touched me somehow and I thought about the mans blessing in san clemente instructing me to go to New orleans and now this. My sore throat completely went away and I continued on to Belize. In Belize they spoke english and i showed the doctor the name of the vaccine I was given in guatemala. He told me it was only an anti biotic and i needed to get rabies injections immediately. My friend stayed on the island and went to the mainland and received a shot for a maternal clinic. Looking at the bottle as she injects it into my arm I see its use by date is 3 months past. I ask her for when I need another and she told me she didnt know. I predict a week.

Still wanting to travel i head down to honduras with my mate and go scuba diving on Utila Island. A week goes by and I go to the local doctor to get my next shot. He’s american and informs me to get the hell out of central america and get my full coarse of shots, as it was so hard to come by down there. I rang up every hospital in honduras and eventually told my travel insurance company who told me not to worry, ‘it’s only a bat bite’

the problem was I couldn’t even get off utila Island as the weather was so bad, the boats couldn’t leave. I ended up getting through to someone higher up in the travel insurance company and they organized a flight from the mainland to miami the next day. I went to the airport and had to organize a small plane to get to the mainland, this was easy because there was a waiting list of tonnes of people who also wanted to get off. The hardest part was convincing them I had a medical emergency which was more important than spoiling their holiday another few hours to jump in front of them.

Eventually i make it to miami and race to the hospital- where  i then spend the next month waiting in emergency waiting lines for 5-8 hrs each time i needed an injection. The way it works was i get the first shot on the 1st day, 2nd on 3rd, 3rd on the 7th, 4th on the 14th and last on the 21st having a shot before hand of immune gobulin which i realize they didnt give me. being $400 a shot my money ran out very fast, my insurance company only paying for 2 as my policy expired the 3rd day in miami- it was exactly a year from when i left.

After the shots were done, I had a nice tan and got quite okay at beach volleyball. I met a puerto Rican girl who i hung out with for a while then she had to have new years in PR for 3 weeks. Waiting 2 i get itchy feet and drive up to New York spontaneously with a cuban girl, after watching ‘YES MAN’ at the cinema’s. A scene in the film is where jim carey goes to the airport and books a flight to wherever the next flight is going, i turned and asked her where she would go if given the chance, she said new york, I said why? she said coz she has an interview up there for an opera school and she’s never been there.

So she had a car, I had some money and we drove to new york, stopping in Roanoke, Virginia on the way to convince her parents the idea was for her own good and that i wasn’t some freak.

They said goodbye as we drove there and then into the cold, bustling city we got to Sarah’s house ( a volunteer I lived with in new Orleans) staying there a few days i was looking for places to rent while she got into the habit of smoking pot and getting lazy. I was supporting her financially as she didn’t have any money when we left miami. A few more days i moved into my own place and she moved to jersey with her cousin. never did find out if she got into the opera school?

I stayed in New York for a month where i started writing a screenplay about a new orleans film and personal training some guys in a gym which I was only on a guest pass.

I decided to go for my usa work visa, so i took a bus to toronto where I lived and worked in a hostel waiting for the appointment. The day finally came and i woke up in the morning to get ready for it. I thought for a moment and decided, do I really want to work in America? No! so i went down to the message board and saw a rideshare leaving to montreal for $20 so i went. Joining me was Sebastian from Austria who told me about this blogger, so here I am.

I have just got back from Magog where I caught up with friend I met in TJ, Mexico. I spent the night there partying with her friends and then drove back lastnight. I stayed on her couch in Montreal as she works here and i left thesmorning to come to the hostel I am sitting at now.

Hope you enjoyed my story thus far. lets see where it goes next?


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  1. Lorena Says:

    Hey, ok so i read your long long story, instead of doing homework lol but it was so worth it, it was more entertaining than reading a novel. I wish my life was as exciting as your as been for 5 months.
    First i want to say, can i come with you??? lol i really want to travel but i dunno it would be way more dangerous for a girl, with some of the things you have done.
    I honestly can say, this is probably the life that everyone wants to have. it makes me not want to continue college and just leave and see where the wind takes me.
    anyways ill msg u personally cuz i got some questions lol.
    well done btw you should publish a book haha

  2. Lorena Says:

    Another thing i forgot… where am i mention on this whole story?? you forgot to add “i met this cute spanish girl in kindersley”…. and so on lol just kidding dean but anyway i really did enjoy your story.
    I will send u a messege on facebook eventually.

  3. SEBI Says:

    Hey, perfect start! – congratulation! 😉
    Already looks quite good and your story I just awesome! =)
    I’ve just checked the design and functions of your blog. The next point you should work on is, to show your long text right at the beginning, when someone takes a look onto your website.
    You can change this at the point settings in your menus – at the point “out put” it asks you, which text should be shown at the startup.
    You can also edit the menus at the right menus bar and for example put a link there, which brings people directly to your Facebook account.
    Next think you should think about is the “comment” function. Depending in how much you trust your friends and the world, you can open it, so that you don’t have to click “okay” at each single comment, until it will show up at your blog.
    I actually prefer the way at my site, to always click okay – but I’m also always online =P
    In both ways you can tell the system to send you an email, so that you will get informed about stuff, somebody has written – and you can still delete it later, in case it’s spam …
    If you give me administrator rights for a day, I can tune you side within a few minutes a bit, but it’s not so hard to do – just play with all the functions and options, wordpress gives you 😉
    I will make sure, to set a link from my site to yours! =)
    (but might will wait aother few days, to give you time to play – it’s always a better way, to first build something perfect and then open it for everybody)
    I’m still here in Montreal – ahhh, time is just flying by over here!
    Hope to meet you sometimes, somewhere again!

  4. Dave Says:

    Hey buddy…
    Sweet story – I didn’t realise you had been doing all this stuff.
    Keep the blog going mate, it’s good to read about good things rather than all the bad stuff happening in the world.


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